Steering group

The steering group includes the heads of the departments and the CEO.


IT service

Division of IT offers employees of UoI consultation regarding computers and software. More and more people use this service e.g. when buying new computers for the departments and institutes of UoI. In those cases the service ensures that the equipment bought coordinates with UoI’s net environment. It is also important that new equipment works well with older equipment in each place.

Phone and network department

The phone and network department is in supervision of arranging and maintaining network and phone equipments on campus e.g. wireless transmitters, phone devices and points. 

Software development

Employees of the software development department have designed a specialized system called the Ugla (Owl), which is the University's inner web. Ugla is an important information medium and a working tool for both students and employees.

System department

The system department operates and maintains the many and complex network systems of UoI besides copying files and storing.

Web factory

There is group in UoI called the Web factory which maintains UoI's main website ( and other websites of UoI and keeps them running. The group consists of employees from Division og IT and people from other fields.