Users, who trust Division of IT (Upplýsingatæknisvið Háskóla Íslands) with their equipment and data processing should familiarize themselves with the following guidelines which Division of IT adheres to.


IT staff will attempt to repair the user's equipment in the most effective way without changing its data or settings. Employees receive regular training in handling IT equipment and follow strict procedures in their work.

  • Users are advised to back up their devices regularly, and must do so before handing them over to Division of IT.
  • Division of IT is not responsible for data loss on users’ equipment.
  • Division of IT will not replace user's broken equipment.
  • Users may be asked to provide the equipment password, and are advised to change it upon the equipment return.
  • Division of IT will not install licensed software without a valid license.
  • Division of IT staff may have to examine the data stored on the user's equipment.


All IT services strive to maintain the highest strive to maintain the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Every central server is located in a secure safe location, with redundant electricity and cooling. Every central service is monitored to the highest standard, with regular updates and enhancements. All data stored at Division of IT is backed up systematically. Access to central systems is limited to specific staff members and i under constant surveillance.