Computer rental

If you just got a new rental computer there are a few things to keep in mind: 


How to start using the computer?  

First time you login to the computer it is important that you are on the UI network. 

The following you only need to do the first time you login while on the University network. 

  • Turn the computer on
  • Choose the “globe” in the bottom right corner 
  • Find “eduroam” on the list of wireless connections and choose "connect" 
  • Type your email (username with 
  • Type your Ugla password and click OK  
  • Choose “Other user” in the bottom left corner 
  • Type your username and password 

Now your computer is connected and ready for use. 

You don't need to be on the UI network for future logins. 


What comes with a UI rental computer?  

Division of IT has setup the computer for you ready to use.  It has the software most University staff need and software specifically asked for.  

The computer is setup with UI systems in mind and division of IT owns it. Therefore members of staff do not have admin rights on the computer and can only setup software found in the Software Center. If you need other software, please contact us through the service portal on or via email on and we will help you set the software up or add it to the software center.   

If your work requires you to have admin access to the computer you can apply for such an access by emailing or through the service portal You will receive a form you need to fill out and return to us with the signature of your boss. After which your IT personnel will be in contact with your to setup the admin rights.