Azure is a site where students can get Microsoft Project and other Microsoft software for free or with a discount, to use this service go to:


1. Look for "Azure for Students" and click "Activate Azure for Students"

Activate Azure for Students

2. Click "Activate now"

Activate now


3. Fill out the form and click "next"


4. Check "I agree to the subscription agreement, offer details and privacy statement" and click "Sign up"


5. Login with your University Email


6. If you get this windows choose "Work or school account"


7. Login with your Ugla password and click "Sign in"


8. You decide "No" or "Yes"


9. Click "Maybe later" unless you want to take the tour


10. Click "VIEW ALL" below "GET SOFTWARE"


11. Choose your software from the list


12. Click "Download"


13. Wait for download


14. Run "Setup"


15. Click "Yes"


16. Wait for install to complete and the software is ready.