VPN for MacOs

Here are instructions for VPN connection with MacOs X version 10.12 (Sierra) and up. Sierra no longer supports PPTP connections so a VPN software is required to connect to the University's VPN. In this demonstration we will use OpenVPN.

Our VPN client doesn't work with the most recent versions of Tunnelblick. It is important not to update it beyond 3.8.8b.

If you have an older version of MacOS then you can follow those guidlines: VPN for MacOs older then 10.11

NOTE that you only need to follow those steps once to setup the connection. After that you only need to do steps 11 and 12 to connect to VPN.

1) Start by downloading the client setup for the University by clicking on the button below or this file: client.ovpn
Download installation file

2) Download Tunnelblick version 3.8.8b from their website.

3) Go to Downloads and open the Tunnelblick file:
Open the Tunnelblick file

4) Double-click on the Tunnelblick icon:
Double-click on Tunnelblick

5) Click on "Open":
Click on Open

6) Type in the password for the device and click "OK":
Type in the password for the device.

7) Now the VPN client is installed on your device and you will see its icon at the top right corner, click on it and choose "VPN Details":
VPN Details

8) Then this window opens. Drag and drop the "client.ovpn" file from the Downloads (or where you saved the file to) into the Configurations box. You might need to "Enter admin mode" for this to work. You do that by clicking the lock-icon at the top right corner:
Drag and drop the client.ovpn into the Configurations box

9) Here you will need to choose if the file should be installed for all users or just the user signed in:
All users or only current user

10) Type in the password for the device and click "OK":
Password for the device

Now the device is ready to connect to the Universities VPN. From now on you only need to follow these steps to connect:

11) Click on the Tunnelblick icon in the top right corner and choose "Connect client":
Smellið á Connect client

12) Type in you username and password (same as for Ugla) and click on "OK":
Username and password required

And now you should be connected. Hurrah    :D