Instructions for Ugla will from now on appear in in the "Ugla manual" located on the title page (location may vary after universities).

Teachers are advised that a lot of instructions regarding Canvas are available on Canvas-site in Icelandic, which has been prepared by the Teaching Centre (Kennslumiðstöð).

Welcome to Ugla - Introduction video

What is Ugla?

Ugla is the intraweb for 6 Universities in Iceland.  Ugla is an important information platform and a powerful tool for university staff, students and teachers. Ugla is a collection of systems and tools that university users use for learning, teaching and administration. Ugla is access controlled, so each user has their own Ugla and they have access to different pages of Ugla. Certain features of Ugla e.g. the course catalogue have an open access so it can be useful for future students. Most other access is restricted to a valid username and password.

Uglan was first published on September 21, 2001 by the University of Iceland. The number of users has steadily increased over the years. In the summer of 2022, there were 6 Univerites that used Ugla as their intraweb: The University of Iceland, The University of Akureyri, Hólar Univeristy, The Agricultural University of Iceland, The Iceland University of the Arts and Bifröst University. In total, Ugla active users have grown to more than 55,000 (summer 2021).

Ugla is associated with the logo of the University of Iceland in an interesting way because in Greek mythology Athena, who is in the logo of the University of Iceland, had an owl on her shoulder. The owl was said to show Athena what she herself could not see, thus giving Athena the whole truth. It was (and is) also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Ugla is designed and maintained by the Division of IT - software department.

We use verified Data Encryption (SSL) when needed



SmáUgla - The Ugla App

SmáUgla is the Ugla app. You can read more about SmáUgla here: SmáUgla - Ugla-app