IT Help Desk

Division of IT operates an IT Help Desk intended to help students and employees of the University regarding computer issues. The IT Help phone number is: 5254222 and the opening hours are between 8 - 16 every weekdays. The IT Help can also be reached by e-mail:

Computer labs

Division of IT operates 18 computer labs around campus. Everybody with a username and a password has access to the computers and can use the service to be foundin the labs e.g. computer equipment, software, printing service and high speed internet service.


The Software departments have developed a specialized system called Ugla. The web page for Ugla is and can also be found through the University’s main web

Net and phone service

Division of IT offers students and employees of the University Internet and phone service. HINET and connections to the Internet are a part of this service.

Network drives/ storage

When a user gets a username he also gets an access to his network drive/ storage. The size of the drive for students is 1 GB but can be expanded temporary to upper limits of 2GB maximum for one week.

Under the network drive is a hidden folder called .public_html This folder is for web pages and files the user wants to be able to access from the web page. The path for the webpage is

Access to other drives, like the ones for the different departments or Student association, can be given by the System administrators of Division of IT. The request for access has to be done through e-mail:



Some specific examples of services provided

  • Access to a course Catalogue
  • Access to a HPC
  • Access to a room booking system
  • Access to a specialized reporting system
  • Access to a staff organization system
  • Access to access-card system
  • Access to b2b connections
  • Access to computers in computerlabs
  • Access to computers in halls.
  • Access to computers in lecture-rooms
  • Access to conference networks
  • Access to databasehosting
  • Access to datastorage
  • Access to discussion-systems
  • Access to examination systems
  • Access to financial information system
  • Access to groupware
  • Access to helpdesk
  • Access to info kiosks
  • Access to student and staff contactinfo
  • Access to survey systems
  • Access to teaching credit systems
  • Access to teaching/learning systems
  • Access to the national registry
  • Access to virtual servers
  • Access to voting systems
  • Domain hosting
  • Email
  • General IT consultancy
  • Networking
  • Printing
  • Procurement of software
  • Regular IT consultancy
  • Telephone
  • Webhosting