Installation in Windows

Here's how to apply for, download and install MindManager in Windows.

Changes have been made to the installation of MindManager that you no longer need a license key to activate the program, but you must apply for access before you can use it. PLEASE NOTE that the first time you apply for access, it may take up to 24 hours to activate. But you only need to apply this one time.

1) It is best to start by applying for the MindManager license here: MindManager registration. If you have done this before, you do not need to do it again. This registration may take up to 24 hours. You can change the language in the top right hand corner. Mark "Yes" and then click "Submit":
MindManager registration

2) When you have applied then you can follow those steps. Go to Ugla and click on "Computing services", then "Software" and finally "MindManager":
Go to MindManager in Ugla

3) Click on MindManager for Windows to download the correct version of MindManager :
Click on Windows icon

4) Then run the application you just downloaded: MindManager22_setup.exe (or similar name). NOTE: You may need to close all Microsoft programs before installation can continue. Once closed, select the language (English) and click "OK":
Select a language and click Next

5) Here you can choose where the installation file is saved on your computer (usually no need to change), then click on "Download & Install":
Select the location for the installation files and click Download and install

6) Click "Next":

Click Next

7) Here you need to check "I agree to the terms in the User Agreement" to accept the terms and then click "Next":
Agree to the User Agreement and click Next

8) Here you need to enter your UI username (without the extension) in the upper field and "University of Iceland" or "Háskóli Íslands" in the lower field:
Enter your username and university name

9) Select "Standard" and click "Next":

Select Standard and click Next

10) Here you can decide if you want to get a desktop shortcut. Check it if you wish and then click "Install" :

Click Install

11) Here you have to wait while the program is installed:

Here you have to wait while the program is installed

12) Now that the installation is complete, check "Launch MindManager 21" and click "Finish":

Check Launch MindManager 21 and click Finish

13) MindManager should now open automatically, but the first time it is launched this window will appear and then click "Sign In" :

Click Sign In

14) Enter your UI email address and click "Sign In":
Enter your UI email address and click Sign In

15) This window might pop up. Then you need to enter your UI email address again :
Enter the UI email address again

16) Now enter your UI password and click "Sign In":
Now enter your UI password and click Sign In

17) Here you can choose whether you want the computer to remember you. Here we usually select "Yes" unless you are on a computer that many people have access to:
Here you can choose whether you want the computer to remember you

18) Now the installation is complete and you should soon be able to access MindManager and should be able to access directly if you have registered before.

If you receive this message "You do not have a license to use this product", then make sure you have applied for the license as shown in step 1. If it is less than 24 hours since you applied for the license then you have to wait longer and try again later. NOTE that you do not have to log out and in again. However, it is a good idea to close MindManager and open it again later, and see if the registration has gone through. If not then you have to wait longer:
Ef þið fáið þessi skilaboð þá þarf að bíða og reyna aftur síðar