Important information about passwords

Never give anyone your password

Every day a lot of spam and phishing mail is stopped by our filters but some will get through so always be careful.

Most common phishing scam that gets through our filters are trying to trick you into giving away your username and password. This can seem like a mail coming from us (f.e. UTS, RHÍ, IT-helpdesk, computer services), it might tell you that if you don't reply your mailbox will be closed or that your mailbox is almost full and you need to reply to expand it. Those mails can be in English or even Icelandic and they keep getting better and better. 

Unfortunately there are too often some that fall for this and send their passwords. In most cases when that happens their email is used to send out a lot of spam mail, often to the people in their address book as well. 


One simple rule:

NEVER give your password to anyone and NEVER send it via email

If you are worried someone has gotten your password change it immediately. Here you can see how to change the password.