Cloud printing for staff macos

1. Click "Download" below to get print driver.


2. Run it and click "Continue"


3. Click "Continue"


4. Click "Agree"


5. Click "Install"


6. Click "Close"


7. Click apple in upper left corner and "System Preferences"


8. Open "Printers & Scanners"


9. Click +


10. Right click the menu bar (might need to hold in Ctrl) and choose "Customize Toolbar"


11. Drag "Advanced" to the menu bar and click "Done"


12. Set Type to Windows printer via spoolss, Device to Another Device, in URL write smb://your username@, Name and Location can be anything you want, in Use click "Select Software"


13. Choose the driver RICOH MP C3004ex PS and click "OK"


14. Click "Add"


15. The printer has been setup


16. The first time you print you need to put your Ugla username and password and check Remember this password in my keychain


17. Default setting is grayscale, printed on both sides so you need to change the settings if you want it any other way. The first time you print you need to go to the printer and follow the instructions on the poster to enable the card or keyfob (the same you use to enter buildings). Next time you print you can walk up to any optima printer at UI and scan your card or keyfob and the document should print out, if you don't have your card/keyfob you can enter your ugla username and password instead.