Apply for a home connection.

Below are instructions on how to apply for a home connection via UoI (the University of Iceland).

Note! Students are expected to configure their router by themselves but we provide a few guidelines here on our webpage.

To get a home connection you have to follow these three steps:

1. Application

You apply for the ADSL connection in Ugla.

When you apply you will receive a username and password, it is important that you store this information because you will need it later to configure your router.

2. Phone line

You need a phone line with an active ADSL/VDSL/fiber connection. You can rent a phone line from either Síminn and Vodafone, just make sure to inform them that you will be using the University’s internet service and that you do not need a data plan. You will still need to pay for the phone line.

3. Configure the router

It is usually best to follow the instructions that came with your router, but instead of using the username and password provided by the phone company, you need to use the username and password you received when you applied in Ugla.

Here you can find some general router instructions.

The phone companies also offer general instructions regarding configuration of their routers (only in Icelandic):

Instructions from Síminn

Instructions from Vodafone