Zoom conference calls

Zoom is used for conference calls. The University of Iceland has zoom licenses that staff members can get access to. You can use zoom without a license for 40 minutes or less. If you need a license ask for it by sending a mail to help@hi.is from your University email. We want to point out that all staff and students have access to Teams that can be used for video conferencing as well. 


You can get zoom here:


1. When you have been given a zoom license you'll get a mail with an activation link, click "Activate Your Zoom Account" to activate your zoom license.


2. Click "Sign Up with a Password". If you've already made an account with the same email you should get the login windows, login and go to step 6.


3. You fill in name and password and click continue.



4. You might want to click "Go to My Account" to change the zoom settings.


5. "Personal Meeting ID" needs to be 10 digits, we recommend using your phonenumber with the country code infront, easy to remember. It's also good to change the "Personal Link" to something easy to remember and so the link stays the same. 


6. Under Meetings you can add settings to make the meeting more secure. To go to the Meetings settings click the gear in Zoom, then profile and edit my profile. Check Meeting Password so people will need a password to access the meeting, you choose the password. And check Enable waiting room so you will need to accept each person into the meeting. You can choose both options or either one.



7. Some zoom settings:

  1. Enter Full Screen
  2. Mute - Turn off your mic
  3. Stop video - Turn off your videa camera
  4. Invite - Invite people to the meeting
  5. Manage Participants - Mute and stop video of other participants or see if there is a problem with it
  6. Polls - Make polls
  7. Share - Share your screen or specific window
  8. Chat - Write a message to the group
  9. Record - You can record the meetings
  10. Breakout rooms - Put members in smaller groups
  11. End Meeting - Quit the meeting


8. The easiest way to invite people to the meeting is to send them the "personal link". In courses you can add the link once and it will stay the same.