These instructions explain how to prepare your computer for an exam in Inspera.

Inspera works on Windows 7 and newer macOS 10.12 and newer. Students with older operating systems, Linux or Chromebook can borrow computers during the exam, further instructions about that in an information mail before the exam. 

1. Go to in Chrome, Firefox or Safari (not Internet Explorer or Edge)


2. Choose "Innskráning með Uglu netfangi" and login with the University email (with and Ugla password.


3. A page opens up with three choices: My tests, Archive and Demo tests. 


4. Go to Demo tests on the right where you'll find two test exams. One open exam: "Inspera prufupróf í opnu umhverfi" and one closed exam: "SEB prufupróf í lokuðu umhverfi"


5. Click on "SEB prufupróf í lokuðu umhverfi" and you'll go to this page:


6. At the bottom of the page click "Download".


7. A windows will open where you'll need to choose your operating system, a setup file will download for the Safe Exam Browser.

8. Go through the installation like you would with any other program. When it is done you don't need to open the Safe Exam Browser program again, you will only use it through