Panopto - for teachers

Panopto is the video platform used by the University of Iceland, teachers use it to record or stream lectures and teaching material. The Panopto recorder is relatively easy to use and the recordings can be accessed from most browsers and devices.


Panopto recorder

Panopto can be used wherever you are. The Panopto client is set up in every classroom at the University but teachers can also set it up on their own computers and record from home. The program is available for download in Canvas, simply navigate to the course you want to record for, click on Panopto Video - then create and record a new session


No recordings visible

If you or your students do not see recordings, it is most likely due to the fact that you are not logged on into the correct server on

Helpful links

Below are links that can help solve the most common issues that can arise when using Panopto:



You can contact support for Panopto (or Zoom) by calling 525-5550 or sending an email to