Teams - Video conferencing

Teams is among other used for video conferencing. You can video chat with multiple people at a time, you can quickly invite a whole team or you can invite each individual.

1) First you'll invite people to the meeting, you can either do that from Teams or from Outlook. Here we'll go through how to book a meeting in Teams. Click on "Calendar" and then "New meeting“ if you want to book a meeting. You can also click "Meet now" if you want to start a meeting immediately.
Smellið á Meetings og svo Scheldule a meeting


2) You will get the "New meeting" window.

  • In Add title give the meeting a name.
  • Under Add required attendees you add people to the meeting by putting their name or email. 
  • Choose a date to start and end the meeting, you can click „Scheduling assistant“ above to see when everyone in UI is available.
  • Click Does not repeat if you want repeated meetings
  • If you want to invite people from a specific channel to the meeting you can choose the group as a whole under Add channel. The invitation will be visible on the channel but will also be sent to each person via email and added to their calendar.
  • If the meeting is to take place in a meeting room choose the room under Add location so the room will be booked.
  • Put a better description of the meeting in Type details for this new meeting if needed.
  • Finally click Save to send the meeting invitation.

Fjarfundur skipulagður


3) In „Scheduling assistant“ you can see when meeting guests are available and meeting rooms are free. Add them under „Add attendees“ if you hadn't already in previous steps. Choose a time that suits everyone, you can drag the column to change the time or widen it to extend the meeting:


4) To invite people from the University write their name or email and they should appear on the drop down menu, choose them. For people outside of the University write their email and click „Invite [email] to the meeting“:
Bjóða á fundinn

5) Here you see how the meeting invitation appears on the channel. If no channel was selected the invitation will only be sent via email (step 10) and appear on calendar. You click on the invitation to partake in the meeting:
Svona birtist fundarboðið

6) Choose „Join“ to open the meeting:
Smellið á Join til að opna fundinn

7) The meeting window will appear. Your videa will be in the bottom right corner and other members are distributed over the screen:
Fundur hafinn

8) While the meeting is ongoing you'll have some settings (see numbers on picture):

  1. You can turn off your camera if you no longer want to be seen, people will hear you but cannot see you.
  2. You can turn off your mic, people will see you but they cannot hear you.
  3. You can share your screen, desktop or a specific window on your computer.
  4. Click on the three dots to get further settings.
  5. You can blur the background if your environment is disturbing or there is something you don't want others to see.
  6. Keypad should let you call someone to add to the meeting, might not work at the moment.
  7. You can record the meeting, other members will get a notification that the meeting is being recorded and that participation means you agree to the recording. To stop recording click again. The recording is saved in Microsoft Stream.
  8. You can also turn of the video of other members, you can still hear them but you don't see them.
  9. Click the red phone button to leave the meeting.

 Stjórnborð fundarinns

9) More settings are in the top right corner:

  1. You can go full screen.
  2. You can write notes for everyone in the meeting to see. Appears as a OneNote document on the right.
  3. You can write a message or see activity log, if anyone joined or left the meeting, added a file or recording.
  4. You can see who has joined the meeting, who was invited and invite more people.
  5. You can set sound and what members can see.

Stillingar fyrir allan fundinn

10) In the email meeting invitation guests will be able to answer the invitation with a „Yes“, „Maybe“ or „No“ and add a message to the invitee. Then the email will disappear and reappear on the calendar. If someone had not answered the invitation they can click the link in the email „Join Microsoft Teams Meetings“ and otherwise on the calendar:
Svara fundarboði

11) A window  will appear where you can choose to download the Teams app or use Teams on the web (you might not get both options) or „Launch it now“ if Teams is already setup. If you choose to download the app, you will need to go through normal installing procedure for your operating system:

12) Meeting guests from outside of the University get a windows where they have to put their name and click „Join now“:
Aðilar utan HÍ óska eftir aðgengi að fundi

13) Meeting organizer gets a notificaton that someone is waiting in the lobby. Click „Admit“ if you want to let them into the meeting:
Samþykkja aðila utan HÍ á fundinn