Problems with the Internet in Student housing

If you experience the Student housing connection has been cut off there are some things you can check:

  1. The traffic has been limited due to virus infection or too much out/in traffic, in this case you will receive an e-mail regarding the limitation from
  2. The possibility of registering the wrong MAC address. Make sure to register the MAC address of the Ethernet net card, not the Wireless net card.
  3. Adjust a Proxy server if you are unable to browse outside the University's website. This can also be done if your traffic has been limited.
  4. Make sure the net card is not adjusted for a fixed IP address.
  5. Check other adjustments of the net card.
  6. Turn off the Firewall e.g. Zone alarm, Norton or Trend PC-cillin because they tend to stop the traffic.
  7. Use an undamaged and recognized net cable.
  8. Make sure you are registered for the apartment by calling 5700800 (student housing office).
  9. Make sure the net card is working properly and the drivers have been installed.

If you are still not connected to the Internet after checking the list above you can contact the IT Help Desk on Háskólatorg either by phone: 525-4222 or by email: The IT Help Desk is open 8:00-16:00 on weekdays.