Username and password




Student usernames consists of three to four letters and numbers in the end. The reason for this choice of usernames is to make it possible for students to keep their access after graduation. This way Division of IT won’t have to allocate the same username twice.

Students can’t request a change to their username, except indications where there is a good reason backed up with an argumentation. 

Three months after students quit from UoI the account will close. Students will be notified through e-mail but they can ask for a two month extension and a forward of the UoI-mail to another mail account. In order to make a request for an extension you simple need to answer the notification e-mail.

Note! Graduating students with a username consisting of three to four letters with numbers behind will withhold their username after graduation. Here is more information regarding: Graduation and access to IT services



Employees can choose their username before their account is created, if the requested username is available. The request needs to be sent to Division of IT by the office manager or the head of the department simultaneously with the application for employees.

We recommend employees not to change their username. When changing username a complicated process need to be done in different systems and some difficulties could be expected at the beginning. However this change is possible for employees but we would like to emphasis the difficulties previously mentioned.

When an employee quits his/her job at UoI the department send a request to Division of IT about closing the employees account, simultaneously the member will receive a notice about the closing. 7 days after the request has been sent the account closes if the member does not make any comment on the closing. We recommend the user to copy all the files and e-mail within these 7 days.


A password is private for each user and should not be exposed or given to someone else. If you suspect someone to know your account information, you should immediately change the password in Ugla.

If you somehow forgot or lost your password you need a new one. A new password can be provided at the IT Help Desk on Háskólatorg and Stakkahlíð. Remember to bring  ID with you.

Note: The password needs to be exactly 8 characters containing at least one number or a capital letter.