Instructions for Ugla will from now on appear in in the Ugla-manual located on the title page: Ugla -> Ugla manual

We point out to teachers that the Teaching Centre (Kennslumiðstöð) has a lot of information about Ugla on their website (Icelandic): Teaching Centre - Ugla

Welcome to Ugla - Introduction video

What is Ugla?

Ugla is the intraweb of the University of Iceland and is an important information medium and a working tool for both students and employees. Certain features of Ugla e.g. the course catalogue have an open access so it can be useful for future students. Other access is restricted to HÍ username and password.
By logging on to Ugla you’ll find various systems needed for information, interaction and registration e.g. course webs, teaching evaluation, course registration, time tables and more. The access to the Ugla systems differs by user and depends on the role in the University. The access is directed through the username.

The Website for Ugla is