Important information about passwords

Every now and then some emails slip through our defenses trying to fish for your login information by asking for your username and password.In the vast majority of cases, these posts are disguised so that they appear to come from UI divisions and departments and even from individual users, so it can often be difficult to realize that they are from spammers. It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT that all our users, as well as others, follow these basic rules:

1. NEVER give out your password:

  • NEVER give out your password on sites you don't know. If the login page or process is anything different than what you're used to, that's an indication that something isn't right.
  • NEVER send your password by email.

2. Attachments and links:

If you receive an attachment with your email, the following should be kept in mind:

  • NEVER open attachments from known sources that do not seem to be directly related to work and you are not expecting an attachment from unless you investigate further e.g. by sending a message back as to whether the person was actually sending you this attachment. It happens that spammers use the email addresses of people you know to try to get you to open attachments that may contain viruses.
  • NEVER open attachments from unknown sources

If you have the slightest suspicion that something is not as it should be, immediately contact IT Help Desk and consult before you do anything.

If you are worried someone has gotten your password change it immediately. Here you can see how to change the password.