Username and/or password does not work

On some occasions members experience problems with their username or password. Below are some things you can check:

  • It is important to only use the username when logging on to Ugla without (example: abc1 not 
  • When logging on to eduroam and the Office365 services (including the mail) then it is important to use the full e-mail address (example: not just abc1).
  • Usernames only consist of lower case letters and never contain Icelandic letters.
  • Make sure the “Caps Lock” (capital letters) tab on your keyboard is not on when you type your username and password. 
  • Password rules:
    • Include at least 8 characters
    • Include at least 1 number
    • Include at least 1 small letter
    • Include at least 1 capital letter
    • Cannot include your name or username

If you are positive you are doing things the right way but still are unable to log on you should contact the IT Help Desk