VPN for iPad og iPhone - iOS 10 and up

Here are instructions for VPN connection with iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 and up. iOS 10 no longer supports PPTP connections so a VPN software is required to connect to the University's VPN. If your device has an older iOS then you can use those guidelines below or follow the older guidelines: VPN for iPad and iPhone - iOS 9 and older.

Click here if you are not sure what iOS you have on your device: Which version of iOS am I running?

NOTE that you only need to follow those steps once to setup the connection. After that you only need to do steps 9 and 10 or 11 and 12 to connect to VPN.

1) Open the App Store in your device:
App Store

2) In the search field you type in "openvpn connect" and choose that app from the list:
Search for openvpn connect

3) Find the "OpenVPN Connection" developed by "OpenVPN Technology" and tap first on "Get" and then "Install":
Click on Get and then Install

4) Now there will pop up a few windows you need to answer. Type in password for the device, accept terms, start the download:
Accept Terms

5) Now OpenVPN Connect is installed on your devise. Now open it:
Open OpenVPN Connect

6) Now download the client setup-file by clicking on the button below or this file: client.ovpn
Download the setup file

7) When your device has downloaded the file then tap on "Open in "OpenVPN"":
Open with OpenVPN Connect

8) Now the "OpenVPN Connect" app is open. Find the section called "New profiles are available" and tap on the green plus behind the "openvpn.rhi.hi.is" certificate:
Add openvpn.rhi.hi.is by taping the green plus

9) Now the following window will appear. Insert the following details:

  • User ID: Your username (same as for Ugla - without @hi.is).
  • Password: Same password as for Ugla and webmail.
  • Save: Check the "Save" button if this is your private device. That will make further connection much easier.

Then tap on the "Connection" button to connect to the University's VPN:
Insert your information

10) Now the window should look like this and you can see in the "Status" that you are connected. Tap on "Connection" button to disconnect when you are finished using it:
VPN connected

11) When all this is done all you need to do to connect to the VPN is to either open the "OpenVPN Connection" app and tap the "Connection" button (steps 9 and 10) or open "Settings":

12) With "Settings" open tap on "VPN Connecting" button. For this to work you will need to have checked the "Save" button in step 9:
VPN in settings