VPN for iPad and iPhone

Below are instructions for setting up a VPN connection on an iPad running iPadOS 15 or newer or an iPhone running iOS 15 or newer.

1. Open the App Store.
The App Store icon.

2. Type "openvpn connect" in the search field and find OpenVPN Connect developed by OpenVPN Technology. Tap "GET" to download the app and confirm.
App Store search results showing OpenVPN Connect and a button labelled "GET."

3. Tap "OPEN" when the app has finished downloading.
The "GET" button is now labelled "OPEN."

4. Choose whether to allow notifications or not and agree to OpenVPN's terms.
OpenVPN terms and conditions and a pop-up window asking to allow notifications.

5. Next you need to download the client setup-file by tapping the button below or opening this link: client.ovpn.

Download the setup file

6. Find the client file in Downloads on your browser. On Safari on the iPad you can find Downloads by tapping the symbol of an arrow in a circle. Tap on the name of the file to open it.
Overview of downloaded files in Safari.

7. You will get options for how to open the file. Find and choose OpenVPN in the list (you might need to tap on "More" to find it).

Safari menu with options on how to open the client file.

8. Now OpenVPN will open with the profile. Tap on "Add."
The OpenVPN app showing a new profile with options to add or delete it.

9. Input your username (without @hi.is), tap on "Save password" and input your password. Tap on "Add" in the top right to save.

The OpenVPN app with input fields for a username and password.

10. You will get a pop-up where you need to allow OpenVPN to add configurations. Tap on "Allow" and input passcode if prompted.

A pop-up window asking for permission to add VPN configurations using OpenVPN.

11. The profile is now ready to connect in the app. Tap on the switch to connect and accept the connection.

The main menu in OpenVPN showing a disconnected VPN connection.

12. The setup is now complete and the connection should be active.

The main menu in OpenVPN showing a connected VPN.

13. To connect to VPN in the future you can either do it through the OpenVPN app or directly in the Settings app.

The iPad settings showing a switch to turn VPN on.