Student housing

Instructions for setting up internet with a router in student housing

To be able to connect to the internet you need to have registered your kennitala/Ugla ID number in the Student Housing system. 
It is worth noting that Icelandic Student Services sends information about new tenants after 1pm and 6pm every day and only then is it be possible to connect to the Internet if you are a new tenant.

  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the router’s WAN port and the wall port.
    1. Most routers have four LAN ports labelled 1-4 and one distinct port that is the WAN port (sometimes labelled Internet), use the WAN port.
    2. The wall ports are often labelled “Sími” and “Net” or with pictures of a phone or a computer/monitor, use the port labelled “Net” or with a picture of a computer/monitor. Sometimes there are multiple sets of ports in the apartments and you might need to try more than one.
  2. Find the router’s WAN MAC address. This MAC address is NOT the same as the one on the router label, the last 1-2 digits should be different. You can find the address in the router gateway:
    1. To access the router gateway, you need to connect to the router’s Wi-Fi (even though the internet is not working yet).
    2. Next, go to the router’s IP address. Most commonly it is but check your router’s label.
    3. Log in with the username and password on the router’s label, usually it is admin and admin.
    4. Finish any setup process if prompted, you should not need to change any settings.
    5. Look over the information about the router and connection to find the WAN MAC address, often it is under the “Internet” or “Status” tab. The address should be almost the same as the one on the router label except for the last 1-2 digits.
  3. Register the WAN MAC address in Ugla. You can find the application under Home > Computing services > Applications > Internet access on campus:
  4. You need to wait for one hour before the MAC address is active in the system. After one hour the internet connection should be operational. If not, try restarting the router disconnecting it from power and then reconnecting it.