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The Division of IT offers all members of the University a home connection through HInet. If you choose to connect to HInet, your data will be routed through the University but you still need to pay a monthly access fee for the phone line or fiber optic connection to one of the service providers listed in the chart below.

Note!   Users need to contact their phone company (Vodafone or Síminn) and inform them that the traffic should go through UoI (The University of Iceland). If you need to verify that the traffic is routed through UoI, you need to call your phone company and get confirmation. We do not see if your phone company has activated the traffic through UoI.


The pros and cons of a home connection through the University:


  • Direct access to the University’s resources; personal/shared network drives,, journals/databases etc.

  • Students are not charged for data usage but staff members are charged 500 kr. (usually paid by their department).


  • Many phone companies offer package deals for their services, such as an internet connection, landline and mobile plan for a certain fee. This fee will not change even if your data runs through HInet.


Options available:


Connection type Provider
ADSL Síminn
VDSL Síminn
Fiber optic connection Síminn
  Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur**

* Home connections for staff are 500 kr. per month, billed to the staff member's department.

** Fiber optic connections from Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur are only available for University staff members.



Connection type Provider
ADSL Síminn
VDSL Síminn
Fiber optic connection Síminn


Questions and answers:

What option should I choose?

The main difference between ADSL, VDSL and a fiber optic connection lies in performance. ADSL is the slowest connection with speeds up to 12 Mb/s, VDSL offers speeds up to 100 Mb/s, and a fiber optic connection is the fastest with speeds up to 1000 Mb/s. You can look up your address on the following websites of the to see what options are available to you:

How much does a home connection cost for staff?

  • A home connection costs 500 kr. per month and is billed to the staff member’s department.

How much does an home connection cost for students?

  • Students are not charged for data but they need to pay a monthly access fee for the phone line. Please contact the companies (Síminn or Vodafone) to get definitive pricing.

How do I apply for a home connection?

How fast is a home connection through HInet?

  • The speed depends on the phone line you buy from the phone company.

    How much data is included in a home connection with HInet (download/upload)?

    • The Divison of IT does not limit data usage. HInet home connections are meant for students and staff members to use for study and work. The amount of data being transferred is monitored and users can be asked to justify abnormally high data usage or unusual traffic (i.e. torrent clients) that affect other users.