General router instructions

Instructions for configuring ADSL equipment.

  1. Start by connecting to the router either by net cable or wireless. The router also needs to be connected to a phone line without a micro filter.
  2. Access the router’s web-based set up page and type the router’s IP address, it differs by the type of the device. Examples of router IP addresses:
    1. or or
    2. The best way to find the router’s IP address is by clicking start (or the windows logo) in the lower left corner and select run (the search field for windows vista and 7) and type CMD. A black command window appears and you type ipconfig /all and the IP address appears under Default gateway.
    3. Note! You cannot connect to the router if you have proxy adjustments in your browser.
  3. You will be asked for a username and a password in order to access the adjustments, but be aware of different usernames and passwords for different types of routers. You can try the following: username-> admin and password-> admin or epicrouter or 1234. It is advisable to have obtained this information on forehand from the company that sold you the router. If a password has been set for the router then you need to enter it. But if you somehow lost or forgot the password you need to reset the router, which can be done by pressing a paper clip for 10 seconds in the reset opening, which is on the back of the router. By resetting the router the adjustments will be the same as when you bought the router.
  4. The web- based set up page appears and you need to go to Set Up or Wizard.
    1. Often you need to enter the adjustments: VPI (0 or 8), VCI (33, 35 or 48), Encapsulation (PPPoE or PPPoA), Framing (LLC or VC Mux). Your phone company provides you with this information.
    2. Internet Service Provider (ISP): you will be asked for the username and password you received when you applied for ADSL in Ugla. You need to use your Ugla username and either: (employees) or (students). Example:
    3. You shouldn’t have to enter other adjustments in the Wizard or in the Set Up process. The adjustments which were already made should remain unchanged.