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eduroam is found widely abroad and you can easily connect to any eduroam connection in the world by using your University of Iceland authentication. If you already have an eduroam connection from another institution or university in your own country you can use that one to connect to eduroam in Iceland.

How do I connect to eduroam?

You need to run a little script that you can access here above. There you will also find detailed instructions on how to install the script. This installation can be run at home or anywhere else. Remember it might be a good idea to run this script at home before you enter the University since you might not get a wireless access until AFTER you run this script.

You can only connect to eduroam when you are in a building that offers it and you have run the script.

NOTE that you can only have two devices connected to eduroam at the same time.

Above you can access the settings that apply to your operating system by clicking on the box (Which operating system do I have?):