Advanced settings

Manual instructions

If automatic installation does not work then you may need to set up eduroam manually. We do however strongly recommend that users first try the automatic  installation: Eduroam - Automatic Installation

Here you can find manual instructions for a few operating systems. But remember to try first Eduroam - Automatic Installation:

Common eduroam settings:

Here you will find detailed settings for the eduroam connection. This can be useful if the script we provide does not work. The most common eduroam settings are:

  • Authentication: IEEE 802.1X
  • Type: TTLS or PEAP
  • Tunneled authentication protocol (TTLS or PEAP): MS-CHAPv2
  • Certificates: CA public certificate
    • Here you can download the certificate: cacert.cer
  • User name: + Ugla password
  • WLAN SSID: eduroam
  • Encryption (WLAN): TKIP (WPA) or AES (WPA2)
  • IP address: DHCP