Conference Net

Conference NetNOTE - The wireless Conference Net is not intended for teaching or training

In the case of teaching or a course, you should apply for a user name for each student and use the wireless network "eduroam." Information on eduroam is here: Wireless network - eduroam

NOTE - The wireless Conference Net is only activated at the following times

When wireless conference networks are activated/established, all wireless networks in the relevant building are restarted and this causes network connection disruption. As a result, wireless conference networks are NOT established/activated except at the following times, in order to minimize interference with other wireless networks:

  • In the morning to between 05:00 and 08:00 For lunch between 12:00 and 13:00 And between 16:00 and 24:00

This means that if an application for a wireless network is received between 08:01 and 11:59 on the same day as the conference starts, then the conference network CANNOT be activated until 12:00

Other important information regarding the wireless Conference Net

The Divison of IT Conference Net is an access to a wireless Internet connection. Users need to enter a password to connect to the network. The conference is not open for more than 5 consecutive days.
Note. Access to the Conference Net and computers in computer labs does not provide access to printouts. In order to print out, an UI user name is required.

If lecturers need access computers in classrooms, then a user name can be assigned at the IT Help Desk.

Only UI employees can apply for the Conference Net. If a person outside the UI has been allocated a facility for a conference then the UI employee, who is responsible for the application/conference or his/her supervisor, shall apply for the access.

Conference guests are expected to be 10 or more. If guests are fewer then 10 it is better to apply for short-term access to wireless eduroam in Ugla. You can apply here: Temporary access to wireless connection and computer labs.

The wireless Conference Net is secured by WPA2 encryption, which means that users need to enter a password when they connect to the Internet for the first time. The person applying for the conference can decide what the WPA2 password is for the Internet. There must be at least 8 characters and it is preferable not to use the Icelandic characters. If no WPA2 key is selected then an 8-digit key will be created and sent to the applicant. Please note that conference guests must receive information on the WPA2 key in order to be connected to the conference center. Information about the password can be accessed at the IT Help Desk when the Conference Net has been activated.

NOTE The wireless conference is only open in the buildings where the conference takes place. The wireless Conference Net is available in the following buildings:

  •     Aðalbygging
  •     Askja
  •     Árnagarður
  •     Gimli
  •     Háskólabíó
  •     Háskólatorg
  •     Læknagarður
  •     Lögberg
  •     Neshagi
  •     Oddi
  •     Stapi
  •     Sturlugata 8
  •     Tæknigarður
  •     Veröld
  •     VR2
  •     VR3
  •     Þjóðarbókhlaða

And in the buildings of School of Education:

  •     Stakkahlíð
  •     Skipholti
  •     Bolholti

How to apply?

You apply for the Conference Net in Ugla. The application form is under Computing Services -> Applications -> Conference Net. NOTE those who are outside the UI need to apply through a contact at UI. The application must include;

  • Conference Name
  • Number of guests
  • Location
  • Billing Information


What is the price of the connection?

Number of guests Price
10 - 99 15.000
100 - 249 25.000
250 - 499 50.000
500 - 999 100.000
More then 1000 - Contact Division of IT


What is included in the service?

No extra service is included for the guests, unless an agreement has been made on forehand.