Eduroam for Windows 11

Here you will see how you install a script for Windows 11 and how to connect to eduroam.

Always use your e-mail address as username when connecting to eduroam.

Install script for eduroam:


NOTE that this has to be done as the device connects to the Internet, so it's a good idea to do this before bringing the computer to the university campus.

1) Start by downloading the script by clicking on the "Download" button below:
Download eduroam Install file

2) Open the downloaded file. Then you will see the eduroam installer. Click on "Next":
Welcome to the eduroam installer

3) Now you will get a warning. Accept by clicking on "OK". (If you do not have a user-name and password from the University of Iceland you might need to get the script from your own school/University here:
Click OK if you have UoI email and password

4) Now you will insert your University's e-mail address (the same as you use for Ugla with and password,  and then click "Install":
Type in email and password

5) Now you might get a warning that you are about to install a certificate from the University of Iceland. Click on "Yes":
Security Warning

6) Click "Next":
Click Next


7) Now you have completed the eduroam installation and should be able to connect to eduroam in buildings available around the world. Click "Finish":
Installation complete. Click Finish.

Connect to eduroam:


There are a few ways to connect to eduroam in Windows 11 but we only show one way on how to do it here.

When you have installed the settings above and you are located in a building that offers eduroam (wherever in the world) this is how you connect:

8) Click on the Network icon at the bottom right corner.
Click the network icon

9) Click on the arrow next to the WiFi icon:
Click on the arrow next to the WiFi icon

10) Now you will see a list of available networks (NOTE Make sure the wireless network card is turned on). Click on eduroam. Check "Connect automatically" so the computer will connect autimatically the next time it finds eduroam. Click on "Connect":
Click on eduroam and then Connect

11) Type in your email address and password (the same as for Ugla) and click „OK“:
Type in your email address and password

12) If this window pops up then click "Connect":
If this window pops up then click Connect

13) Now your computer should be connected to eduroam and the Internet. If you are asked for username and password remember to use your e-mail address ( and then the same password as for Ugla.

If you are having problems with connecting to eduroam please contact our IT Help Desk.