Print on both sides of the paper

Following computer labs have printers, which are able to print on both sides (duplex) of the paper:

  • Askja 166, LJ M3035 MFP printer
  • Árnagarður 318, LJ P4515x and Color LaserJet CP4525
  • Eirberg C-105, LJ 4350dtn printer
  • Gimli 101, LJ P4515x printer
  • Háskólatorg 204, CM4730 MFP color and black/white printer and a scanner
  • Háskólatorg (in front of HT-204), LJ P4515x
  • Nýi Garður, Tungumálamiðstöð, LJ P4515x
  • Oddi 102, LJ P4515x printer
  • Oddi 301, LJ 4350dtn printer
  • VR-II 260, LJ M3035 MFP printer and scanner
  • VR-II 353, LJ P4515x printer

To print on both sides click "Properties" in the print window. Go to the tab "Finishing" and check "Print on both sides":

You can also print more than one page on each paper. Then go to the "Finishing" tab and choose under "Pages per sheet" or "Slides per page" in Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF. Then select how many pages you want to print on each piece of paper.