There are currently 5 scanners on campus, which are located in computer labs in Háskólatorg 204, Askja 166, Árnagarður 318, Stakkahlíð (Smidja) and VR-II 260.
See here for more details: Computer labs. Note that scanning is free of charge.

How to scan

1) The screen below should be the first one you see on the machine. Click on E-mail:
send as an e-mail

2) Now you have to log on. Click on the fields you want to fill out:
username and password

3) Type your Ugla username without and password. The screen below is the one you use to type the text. You can change between lower case and capital letters by using Shift:

4) The scanning is sent as an email. So in this step you choose the recipient of the email in the empty field below "To:" You type your own email address if you want to send the scanning to yourself. Here you need to type the complete mail address (e.g.
send to

5) In the final step you press the Send E-mail button to start the scanning process.

If you click on "More Options" you are able to change a few things like if you want it as .jpg, .raw or even .pdf. There are also more settings there you can change.