Problems with printing

Problems related to printing can be caused by many things, below are some common reasons.

1. Error messages appearing on the printers screen

Possible error messages are e.g. maintenance kit error, paper jam, loner low and other errors.

If there is a paper jam or the printer has run out of ink in a computer lab, students are expected to take care of things themselves. Regarding further or grater problems with the printers please contact the IT Help Desk.

If the printer with the problem belongs to a department, you can contact IT Help Desk or the contact person if the department has a service contract with Division of IT. If the error has to do with the printer’s equipment you need to contact the printer’s sale agent.

2. Problems with your computer

If you are unable to print on a printer from a certain computer but other people are able to print on the printer.

If you are unable to print on any printer you could try to restart the “Print Spooler” by logging on to the computer as an administrator. Right click “My Computer” and choose “Manage”, click “Service and Application”, choose “Services”, select “Print Spooler”, right click the print spooler and choose “Restart”.

After finishing the administrator step above you can log on to the computer again on your regular user account and the printing service should work fine.

3. The printer has a wrong installation

If you have never been able to print on a certain printer the problem is probably due to wrong installation of the printer. Please contact IT Help Desk or the contact person if the department has one.