Apply for a fixed IP address (wired Connection)

Employees of HÍ can apply for a fixed IP address (wired Connection). This is usually done when having desk computers, printers etc.

1) The application process in Ugla: Title Page -> Computing service-> Applications -> Wired connection:
Apply for wiered connection

2) Fill out the following fields:

  • Username: You can apply for other employee but if you are applying for your self then type in your own username.
  • Type of device: Select the right device, Windows, Mac/iOS, Linus/Unix, Printer, Other.
  • MAC address of device: Type in the MAC address for the device. If you do that now it will make it easier to connect later on.
  • Location: Select the right location where the device will be located

Note! You do not have to register the MAC address but we strongly recommend it. By doing that you don’t need to change the adjustments later on to fix the IP address. If the MAC address is registered the connection should happen automatically.

You can use the instructions for the MAC address of the DHCP wired network in order to find the right MAC address.

Click on "Finish application" when done:
Wired connection application



You will receive an email from with your new IP address soon after you send the application. If you have registered the MAC address in the IP address application process your computer should connect automatically, otherwise you need to type in the Fixed IP address.