New meeting - Windows 10

1) When you want to create a meeting in Outlook select  “New Meeting“.


2) A new window will appear.

a) Title: Give the meeting a name.

b) Required: Add members who are required.
    Optional: Add members who are optional.

c) Location: Here you can choose a room, you can use Room finder to look up a room and check if it is available or not.

d) Room finder: See step 3.


If you press the Required or Optional button you can use the Global Address List to look for students, staff or groups.

If you press the Location button you can choose from the available rooms.

Select rooms


3) On the right you can see “Room Finder”. You can use Room finder to book a room within the university. Choose a date and use Show a room list and pick a building, then you should see a list of rooms. Under “Suggested times” you can see if they are available or not. Remember to click on “Send” when everything is ready to finish the application. Everyone on the list will get an email and reply if they can come to the meeting or not.



If you are in another timezone you can change it here:
File -> Options -> Calendar -> Timezones

4) If you want to create a Teams meeting click on the “New Teams Meeting” button. To use this function you need to login to Teams first.
A link to the meeting will be created and people can use it to join the meeting or wait until the meeting is about to start and use the notification button. Always remember to click on send when the invitation is ready.

New meeting


5) When the meeting is about to start you will get a notification, click on “Join Online” to open up Teams.

Notification, teams

6) Teams will open and you can click on Join now to enter the meeting.

Teams, join meeting