Create new group

Below are instructions on how to create groups. These instructions are for Teams but you can create groups in other places, but we recommend following these steps.

1) Open Teams (in a client or in a browser).

2) First select "Teams" in the toolbar at the far left. Then click on the "Join or create a group". It is positioned at the bottom left or top right (depending on which view you have of your teams):
Click "Join or create a team"

3) Click "Create team":
Click Create team

4) Fill in all the fields.

  • Group name: Name the team. Make sure that the name is clear and descriptive. For example, "Staff group" is not descriptive enough because the name will be visible to everyone at UI and it would be impossible to know which staff group was being referred to.
  • Description: Enter a description that will help others understand the team's purpose.
  • Privacy: By default, Teams are created as Private. This means only approved members in your organization can see what"s inside the group. Anyone else in your organization who is not approved cannot see what's in the group.
    • Private: Create a team where membership requires approval and only members can view team content.
    • Public: Create a team where anyone within UI can view its content and become a member.
  • Create a team using an existing team as a template: Here you can create a team based on another team that you own. You can then choose to have same members, tabs, channels, etc. as one of your other teams.
  • Create a team from an existing Office 365 group: Click here if the group already exists (created elsewhere) and you just want to add it to Teams.

Finally click on "Nest" and your new team has been created:
Fill out the form and click "Next"

5) In this step, you can add members to the group.

  • Enter the person's name or email address and select the appropriate person from the list that appears. You can add multiple users to the field before clicking "Add".
  • Members then appear below the field. From there, you can choose whether they should be "Owners" or just "Members". It's good practice to have at least two owners for each group.
  • Once you've added everyone who should be in the group, click "Close". You can also skip adding users this time and directly click "Close" without adding users. You can always add members later.

Add new members to the team

6) Now the team is ready. You can click on the three dots next to the team's name for various options for the group, such as adding members, editing, and managing:
Team is ready for use