Scheduling Assistant - Windows 10

Below are instructions for booking a room and people for a meeting and making sure that everyone is free at the same time.

1) When you have clicked on "New Meeting", you can click on "Scheduling Assistant" at the top. The size of the window affects the appearance of the button:
Choose "Scheduling Assistant"

2) Start by adding attendees. You can write their email addresses in the name field and click Enter, but it can be easier to click "Address Book" or "Add Attendees":
Add people to the meeting. Click on "Address Book" or "Add Attendees"

3) Find an attendee by writing their name in the field. The list will narrow down as you type. You can change address book if you have more than one using the drop-down menu under "Address Book". Select an attendee and click "Required" if the person is required to attend the meeting or "Optional" if they can choose whether to attend or not. The person will then be added to the field on the right. You can repeat this step as often as necessary until you have added everyone who is invited to the meeting. Then click "OK":
Find attendees, add them to the list and click "OK"

4) Now add a meeting room. Use the drop-down menu under "Show a room list" on the right and select the correct building, or click "Add Rooms" in the bottom left corner. Meetings rooms are then added to the list. Select the room you want from the rooms available:
Add meeting room

5) Now choose a meeting time that will work for everyone. You can zoom in or out using the field in the top left. You can also use the slider at the bottom to see the times and dates further in the future. When you find a time that suits everyone and when the meeting room is free, you can click on the field to mark the time. You can change the length of the meeting by clicking and dragging the end of the blue box. You can also use the fields below, "Start time" and "End time":
Now choose time that suits everyone

6) Click "Send" when everything is ready:
Click "Send" when everything is ready: