Wireless printing with Windows 7 and Vista

Here you can see how you connect your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer with a wireless printer so you can print directly from you computer. The computer needs to be already connected with eduroam (wireless connection at the university).

1) Click the Windows logo in the lower left corner. Type:  \\nemprent.rhi.hi.is in the search window:

2) A window appears asking you to enter your username and password. You need to type CS\ in front of the username and then type your password for Ugla.

username and password
Note! If the window above does not appear you need to map the network drive. Go to step 10 and instead of using \\nemprent.rhi.hi.is\loginprent you use \\nemprent.rhi.hi.is Then go back to step 3 when done mapping the drive.

3) A window appears with available printers:
Click here for the printers’ location

4) In order to connect to a printer right-click the printer and choose connect.

5) A warning window appears with the messages about a missing driver. Click "OK":

6) Download the relevant driver for the printer. The easiest way is to download the drivers from the printers’ website e.g. www.hp.com

7) When finished downloading and installing the driver you need to select the driver manually by clicking "Have disk":
have disk

8) Click "OK" after selecting the right driver and the installation starts. Please be aware the installation could take a while for Windows Vista (up to 10 min.).

9) Follow the next steps so that the wireless printer is available next time you need to print. Right-click "Computer" and choose "Map network drive".

10) Type  \\nemprent.rhi.hi.is\loginprent  for folder. Check “Reconnect at logon” and “Connect using different credentials”.  Note! It does not matter which letter you select for the drive. Click "Finish" when done:
map network drive

11) Type your username and password, make sure to put CS\ in front of the username. Check “Remember my credentials” and click "OK":
username and password

For further assistance please contact the IT Help Desk.