Wireless printing with MacOS

This is how you setup a wireless printer in the University for MacOS:

1) Click the Apple icon and choose “System Preferences” and click “Print & Fax”. Click the plus sign in the left corner:
print and fax

2) Right-click on top of the window and choose “Customize Toolbar”:
customize toolbar

3) Find the “Advanced” tab and drag it up to the gray menu and choose “Done”:

4) Click Advanced and after a while a browser appears with the adjustments. Select “Windows” for “Type”:

5) Now you need to define the printer. Here is the list of printers available for WiFi printing and their name needed in this step: Printers Location.

  • Note! For URL you write smb://nemprent.rhi.hi.is/name of the printer
  • For Name and Location you choose a name for the printer. (Usually by placement).

name and location

6) Finally you choose the printers type and drive:
select a driver

7) Click “Add” and change the adjustment for tray 3 in “Optional Tray 3: 500- Sheet Input Tray” and click Continue:
Tray 3

8) The printer should now be installed but the first time you use it you need to type your password and username (same as Ugla). But you need to type CS\ in front of the username: CS\username.

By checking “Remember this password in my keychain” you only need to type your user information this one time:
username and password