Student housing (Stúdentagarðar)

Student housingHow to connect to the Internet in Student housing (Stúdentagarðar)

Students living in the Student housing (Stúdentagarðar) have free Internet connection for either one computer or a router. Only the person registered for the apartment can apply for the Internet. After you have been registered for the apartment usually 1-2 days go by before the application for network becomes available in Ugla. Wireless network is not an option for student housing, therefore you need to connect by cable (unless you have an Ethernet router then you can apply this access for the router).

Follow the 3 steps here below to apply and connect your computer to the Internet in Student housing.

1. Find the MAC address for the wired network card.

When applying for the Internet you need to have the MAC address for the local area connection. Below are further instructions on how to find the so called MAC address for different types of operating systems:

Note! the adjustments for the net card take place after the registration in Ugla.

2. Register the MAC address in Ugla.

After finding the MAC Address you need to register it in Ugla. Start by clicking "Computing services" and then "Applications". Then click on "Internet access on campus".

The window below  appears (bottom part of the image below) and you fill in the MAC address which you previously found on your computer. There is no need to add space between the letters/numbers nor does small or capital letter matter. Click "Finish application" when done.

Internet for Student Housing Application


3. Connect the computer to the wired network.

Usually the steps above are enough but occasionally the net card is not adjusted for receiving an IP address. Click on the right operating system below to see how the net-card should be adjusted:

After following the three steps above you should be able to connet to the Internet in your apartment in Stúdentagarðar.