Map Network Drive in Windows 10

Here you see how to map your network drive in Windows 10.

You can only map the network drives when you are connected to the University's network. You can set up a VPN connection if you are outside the University's network.

1) Press the Windows button on the keyboard or click on the Windows logo at the bottom left corner.

2) Write "This PC" to search.

3) Click on "This PC" when you see it in the search results:
This PC - Windows 10

4) Click on "Map network drive". If you don't see it click on the small arrow top right and you should see the options:
Map network drive

5) Now fill out the form:

  • Drive: The drive letter does not matter, just pick any letter you like.
  • Folder: In "Folder" you write: \\\username (Note that you should put your username, not write username). If \\\username isn't working you can try using \\\username or\username.
  • "Reconnect at logon": Check this box if this is your computer and you want to sign in automatically every time you login to the computer.
  • Check "Connect using different credentials" and click "Finish":

Map Network Drive

6) Click here on "More choices" to use the UI authentication. Then click on "Use a different account":
Click More choises

7) In "Username" put: CS\your_username (use your username instead of your_username) and in "password" put your password. You use the same username and password as you use in Ugla. Check "Remember my credentials" if this is your computer and you want it to remember your login to the network drive and click on "OK":
Enter Network Credentials

Now you should see your drive as any other drive in "This PC".