Instructions regarding installation of MindManager.

1) Start by logging on to Ugla and navigating to Computing service ->Software -> Mind Manager application.

2) There you will see a page where you can download the installation file. Remember to read the licence terms before you download the licence key.

3) Click on the icon for your operating system (either Windows or MacOS) to download the installation file to your computer. Next, click on the relevant license key at the bottom of the page and keep it ready for later.

4) Run the installation file (you might be prompted to close all Microsoft Office programs). Select the language and then click "Next":

5) Here you can choose where to save the program on your computer, you do not need to change the default location.  Click on "Download & Install" to continue:

6) The program will now start downloading.

7) Once the download has completed, this window will appear. Click "Next":

8) Check "I agree to the terms in the User Agreement" and then click "Next":

9) Input your Ugla username (without the @hi.is ending) in the username field and "Háskóli Íslands" in the Organization field:

10) Select the standard setup type and click "Next":

11) Here you can create a desktop shortcut for MindManager if you want. Check the box if you do and then click "Install":

12) Now you need to wait while the program is being installed:

13) The setup is now complete, check "Launch MindManager 2020" and then click "Finish":

14) The program should now open automatically. This window will pop up the first time it is run, click "Enter License Key...":

15) Here you need to input the license key you got from Ugla in step 3 and click "OK":

16) MindManager should now be installed and ready to use.

17) If you need to input the license key after the program has been installed, open MindManager and navigate to the "Help" tab (you might need to exit the first menu to see the tab as it is shown below). Then click "License Key" and you should see the same pop-up window as in step 15. Input the license key and click "OK". If you have lost the key you can access it again in Ugla (see step 1-3).