VPN for Windows XP

Instructions for VPN connection with Windows XP:

You need to sign in as Admin on the computer before you start.

1. Press the Start button and choose "Connect to" and "Show all connections".

Start- show all connections

2. Choose "Create new connection":

create connection

3. Click "Next":

New Connection Wizard

4. Choose "Connect to the network at my workplace":

Connect to the network at my workplace

5. Choose "Virtual Private Network connection":

Virtual Private Network connection

6. Name the connection e.g. Háskóli Íslands:

Háskóli Íslands

7. Choose "Do not dial the initial connection":

Do not dial the initial connection

8. Below you need to type the name og the service, vpn.hi.is:


9: Choose "Finish". It is a good idea to check "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop":


10. When you try to connect the you need to type your username and password in the window below, students type username@nemendur.hi.is  but employees should type username@starfsm.hi.is The password should be the same as for Ugla.


11. Choose "Save this username and password for the following user" and Me only. Then click "Properties".


12. Click the "Security" tab and check the "Advanced custom settings" and click on "Settings":


13. In the window below you have to select a new setting under "Data encryption" and uncheck "Microsoft CHAP (MS-CHAP)" so there is only a checkmark for "Microsoft CHAP Version 2":

Advanced Security Settings

14. You have to change the settings for the "Networking" tab. Select "PPTP VPN" for "Type of VPN" and click "OK":


15. Now you should be able to connect.


16. Make sure you choose "Anyone who uses this computer" if there is a special Admin account on the refering computer (e.g. employees computers).

Note! it is not possible to connect to VPN while you are connected to the wireless eduroam on campus, Student housing or with ADSL through UoI because you are already connected to HINET.

If you have any problems regarding the connection please contact the IT Help desk 5254222 or help@hi.is.