VPN for Windows Vista

Instructions for VPN connection with Windows Vista:

1) Right- click the computer symbol down in the right corner and choose "Connect to a network":
connect to a network

2) Choose "set up a connection or a network":
set up connection

3) On the list below choose "Connect to a Workplace" and click "Next":
connect to a workplace

4) Choose "Use my Internet connection (VPN).":
My Internet connection

5) In the Window below for Internet address you type: vpn.hi.is and check "Don’t connect now, just set it up so I can connect later". Click "Next":

6) Type your username and password in the window below, students type username@nemendur.hi.is  but employees should type username@starfsm.hi.is The password should be the same as for Ugla. Click on "Remember this password". Click "Create":
username and password

7) Now you choose again "Connect to a Network" like in step 1.

8) Right- click VPN "Háskóli Íslands VPN" and choose "Properties":
connect to a network

9) In the "Security" tab you choose  "Advanced (custom settings)" and then click "Settings":

10) Choose "Maximum strength encryption". Make sure only "Microsoft CHAP version 2" is checked and click OK:

11) Under the "Networking" tab you choose "PPTP VPN" and click "OK":

12) The adjustments below should also been made for "Networking". Choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click on "Properties":

13) In this window you click "Advanced":

14) And here you make sure that "Use default gateway on remote network" is checked. Click on "OK" untill all setting windows are closed:
Default gateway

Now you should be able to connect to HINET.

A window might appear asking you whether you would like to choose "Home", "Work" or "Public Location". The best choice would be "Public Location" since it is the most secure one. Then click "Close".

Note! it is not possible to connect to VPN while you are connected to the wireless eduroam on campus, Student housing or with ADSL through UoI because you are already connected to HINET.