VPN for iPad and iPhone - iOS 9 and older

NOTE. After the newest update from Apple (iOS 10) they no longer support PPTP connections. Therefore those instructions will not work for the newest operating system. For iOS 10 and up use those guidelines: VPN for iPad og iPhone - iOS 10 and up

Click here if you are not sure what iOS you have on your device: Which version of iOS am I running?

Here's how you configure a VPN connection for the University.  Note that the device requires an Internet connection to be able to connect to the VPN . However, it is not possible to connect to the VPN if the device is already connected to the University network.

1) Click on "Settings" on the Home screen:
iPad Settings

2) Click on "General" and then "Network":
General - Network

3) Now click on "VPN":
Network - VPN

4) Click on "Add VPN Configuration":
Add VPN Configuration

5) Now you will see a popup window. Here you will have to insert the following details:

  • First click on "PPTP" at the top
  • Description: Pick any name for the connection. For example VPN HI
  • Server: vpn.hi.is
  • Account: Here students have to type "their username"@nemendur.hi.is and staff members will have to type "their username"@starfsm.hi.is. For example: abc11@nemendur.hi.is
  • RSA SecureID: OFF
  • Password:  Insert  the same password you use for Ugla  if you do not want to type in the password  every time you connect. If this is an iPad many people use then you should leave this empty .
  • Encryption Level: Maximum
  • Send All Traffic: ON

Then click on "Save" at the top when you have filled out the form:
VPN configuration

6) Now the configurations are complete. To connect to the VPN  server  you simply go to "Settings" (as in step 1) and then turn the VPN on. Now your device should connect to the VPN server at HÍ:
VPN - on