VPN for Android

Here we will show you how to configure a VPN connection for the University with an Android device.  Note that the device requires an Internet connection to be able to connect to the VPN. However, it is not possible to connect to the VPN (and no need to)  if the device is already connected to the University network.

1) Go to "Settings":

2) Press "More" under "Wireless and Networks":
Settings - More

3) Press "VPN":
Wirless and networks - More

4) Here you will see VPN connections already configured. If you are connecting for the first time then continue following the instructions here below. Press "Add VPN network":
Add VPN network

5) Insert following details and then press "Save":

  • Name: Give the connection a name. It can be whatever you want.
  • Type: Choose PPTP
  • Server address: vpn.hi.is
  • Check "PPP encryption (MPPE)"

Add VPN network

6) Now you are ready to connect. Insert following details to connect and then press "Connect":

  • Username: Insert your username followed by @nemendur@hi.is if you are a student or followed by @starfsm.hi.is if you are a staff member. (example: abc1@nemendur.hi.is or abc@starfsm.hi.is).
  • Password: Same password as you use for Ugla and the University e-mail.
  • Check "Save account information" if you want the phone/tablet to remember your access information.

Connect to VPN

7) Now your device is connected with University VPN connection. Remember to follow step 1-4 to disconect and/or reconnect later. Then press the connection name and choose connect or disconnect:
VPN connected