SFTP connection (formerly FTP)

It can be convenient to connect to the network drive without needing to map it or connect through Ugla.

SFTP is a secure FTP connection. We recommend people not to use FTP since the password is unsecured when using FTP.

Information needed to connect:

  • Host: katla.rhi.hi.is

Different programs can be used to connect with SFTP. Here are some of the most common: Lifehacker.com - Five Best FTP Clients

Below are further information for FileZilla and WinSCP.


In order to connect to FileZilla click “File” and choose “Site Manager”. Click “New Site” and type the following information:

  • Host: katla.rhi.hi.is
  • Servertype: SFTP- SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Logontype: Normal
  • User: Your username (without @hi.is)
  • Password: Same password as for Ugla

Next click “Connect” and connect to your network drive:



In order to connect with WinSCP you need to fill in the following information:

  • Host name: katla.rhi.hi.is
  • Username: your username (without @hi.is)
  • Password: Same password as for Ugla
  • File protocol: SFTP

Note! Now you can choose to save if you want to safe the adjustments. It will then appear in “Stored sessions”.
Click “Connect” and WinsSPC will connect to your network drive. Different warnings might appear because the drive is unknown. Click “Yes” and “Continue” to allow the connection: