VPN Windows

1) To connect to the University network via VPN start by downloading the file you use in the setup:


2) Go to https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/ to get the openvpn app, click the openvpn-install .exe file


3) Click „Next“


4) Click „I Agree“


5) Make sure you check „EasyRSA 2 Certificate Management Scripts“ then click „Next“


6) Click „Install“


7) Click „Next“


8) Uncheck „Show Readme“ and click „Finish“


9) Click „OK“


10) Go to start and write openVPN GUI and click the OpenVPN GUI app


11) Right click the openvpn icon in the bottom right corner, you might need to click the arrow to see it. Click „Import file“


12) Find the client.ovpn file you downloaded in the beginning and click „Open“


13) Click „OK“


14) Right click the openvpn icon again and click „Connect“


15) You are asked for a username and password, put your University username and password and click „OK“ to connect