Eduroam for Linux

Here you will see how you install a script for Linux to connect to eduroam:

Always use your e-mail address as username when connecting to eduroam.

Install script for eduroam:

1) Start by downloading the script by clicking on the "Download" button below:
Download Script

2) Open up a Terminal and type in the following commands:

  • cd Downloads/ (or find the correct location where the downloaded script from step 1 can be found)
  • ls (To get a list of all files in that folder to see if the script is located there)
  • chmod 777 eduroam-linux-TUoI.sh2
  • ./eduroam-linux-TUoI.sh2

Terminal - keyra skrá

3) Click here on "OK":

4) Click on "Yes":
eduroam CAT

5) Here you will insert your University's e-mail address. For example: Then click "OK":
userid - Notendanafn

6) Then you will insert you password. The same as for Ugla and webmail and click "OK":
Password - Lykilorð

7) Repeat your password and click "OK":
Repeat your password

8) Then you should see this window telling you that the installation was successful: Now you should be able to connect to eduroam in buildings around the world where it is available. Click "OK":
Installation successful

Connect to eduroam:

9) Now when you are located where eduroam is available you simply connect by choosing "eduroam" on the available Wireless list:
Tengjast eduroam

If you still are not able to connect you should restart your device.

If you are having problems with connecting please contact our IT Help Desk.