Network drive- FAQ

How can I connect to my website/network drive at home?

  • All users can get the files from their network drive by using a ftp-software, through Ugla or by mapping the drive in their computer.
  • Users who are connected to UoI network either wireless, ADSL or VPN can open their network drive the same way as in the computer labs (map network drive).
  • Here you will find instructions on how to map a network drive: Map Network Drive

I accidentally deleted a file/all the files on my network drive. What can I do to fix this?

  • Each night a backup is made made of all the network drives.
  • If you deleted a file the same day you made it is probably lost if it is not in your trash/bin.
  • If you have been working with a file for more than 1 day and made sure to save it on the network drive it’s possible to get the last backed up copy. The file won’t contain the changes you made after the last backup was made.

I cannot find a file which I've just saved. Where could it be?

  • The most effective way to find a file is to use the Search tool. Click the Start tab and choose Search (Windows). You can also try to find it by making a new file and check which place is automatically selected when you save it. There is a possibility that the file you were looking for is located in the same place. You can also check if a copy has been made of the file if you have saved it on the network drive.

Can I see if anybody can read the files on my network drive?

  • As long as you haven’t changed the access permission to the drive it should be safe. By default everything is locked. On the other hand if you have been changing the access permission you can run the command "rettindi" in unix shell to fix the permission, further information are here: Access forbidden. Access to the drive can be directed, instructions are: Access

I am about to finish/quit my study in UoI. Will I keep my access to HINET/e-mail?

  • Students who graduate from UoI and have a username consisting of 3 letters and numbers will keep both their e-mail address and access to Ugla. Students who quit their studies and employees who no longer work at the University will lose all access to e-mail, network connections and the network drives.
  • Students who quit usually lose all their permissions around 3 months after unregistering. Employees who quit will lose their access around 1-2 weeks after they receive a notification stating so.
  • You can specifically request that your email will be forwarded for extra two months after the account should be disabled.

I have files on my network drive which I would like to have since I’m about to finish/quit my studies. What should I do?

  • We recommend you to go to one of the computer labs on campus and copy the files to an USB memory stick or an empty CD. All the computer labs have CD writers. A third way is to map the drive in your computer and drag the files to your computer from the drive.