Instructions regarding installation of MindManager.

1) Start by logging on to Ugla and go to Computing service ->Software -> Mind Manager application.
Remember to read the licence terms before you download the licence key:
Computing services

2) Here you will see a page where you can download the program. Click the Windows or MacOS icon to save the setupfile on your computer. The licence key is at the bottom of the page which should be saved for use in step 10-12:
Download MindManager

Install MindManager for Windows

3) Run the downloaded setup-file. You might need to close all Microsoft Office software. Select the right language and then click "OK" (note images below might belong to an older version of MindManger but the process is still the same):
Select the right language

4) Now click on "Next":
Welcome to the Mindjet MindManager Installer

5) Select "I agree…." and click "Next":
License agreement

6) In this step type in your Ugla username and Háskóli Íslands (organization), then click Next:
Customer info

7) Select "Standard" and click "Next":
Setup Type

8) In this step you can choose whether you like to create a shortcut on the "Desktop" or not. Then click "Install":
Ready to Install the Program

9) After a few moments the installation is finished. Click "Finish":

10) When MindManager starts up the first time a window like the one below appears and you need to click "Enter License Key". If this window does not appear you can Enter the license later. See step 12:
Mindjet Mindmanger Activation

11) Type or paste the license key here and click "OK". Now MindManger has an active license:
Enter License Key


12) If you have to enter the license key after installation you click on the "Help" tab on the right side. Then click on "License Key" and enter your license key and click "OK". If you have lost the key you can access it as shown in steps 1-2:
Help - License Key